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SEX ASSORTED CHICKS (KUROILER) Jogoo/kienyeji layers

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Sex assorted kuroilers

Its now easier to manage your Male to Female ratios in your farm. You can order pure Kuroiler cocks or hens or by your ratio of choice.

Kuroiler Characteristics

  • Kuroilers are multicoloured.
  • Kuroilers are dual purpose for producing meat and eggs.
  • Kuroilers are adapted for free range and scavenging.
  • Kuroilers have high resistance to common poultry diseases.
  • Kuroilers are fast maturity-Mature males 3.5-4 Kgs, Females 2.5-3 Kgs.
  • Kuroilers have a high egg production: 20-25 eggs per month.
  • * Kuroilers have an economical laying period;1.5 years.
  • * Kuroilers feed consumption; average (medium) feeder.
  • * Kuroiler Sitting characteristics; Does not sit on eggs(does not get broody).
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