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Helps us in managing your product in the store
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Adweek soko is an initiative by adweek chicks aimed at connecting farmers to the growing market. If you continue it means that you agree to sell with us and adhere to the terms and conditions. All farmers can sell on our website however Adweek chicks reserves the right to show the content that appears on our website however we give priority to Adweek chicks farmers. Adweek chicks farmers products appear as VERIFIED in the products catalog section, Their phone number is also visible and clients can contact them directly. For farmers that we have never dealt with, beside their product there will lack a verification and their phone number will not be visible to the potential client. This means that the client will have to continue place an order via ADWEEK CHICKS SAFE PAY PROTOCOL only after the pay is secure can you and the buyer make contact.
Once your client has paid and placed an order we shall notify you via call. Orders should be processed within the fastest time possible within a period not EXCEEDING 3 DAYS. If this period is Exceeded it should be on mutual understanding with the client failure to which a refund will be given to the client. It will be upto to you to determine who bears the TRANSPORT charges. We shall not bill transport charges on your behalf since there are no standard units for that. It will be upto you as a vendor to discuss with the client on how to ensure the commodity gets to the client in good condition. Depending on how you agree to supply you shall therefore bill the client transport charges before or after supply.
FOR THE SAFETY OF THE CLIENTS MONEY, After the client places an order the payment goes into our HOLDING ACCOUNTS where it remains till the goods are supplied. YOU WILL RECEIVE THE PAYMENT AFTER THE CLIENT HAS RECEIVED AND CONFIRMED THAT THEY RECEIVED THE GOODS IN PERFECT CONDITION. NORMALLY 1 OR 2 DAYS AFTER SUPPLY. YOU ARE THEREFORE ADVISED TO SELL QUALITY GOODS. PAYMENTS WILL BE MADE TO ONLY THE PHONE NUMBER REGISTERED IN THIS SUBMISSION. If there was a problem with the supply or a complain from the customer regarding them as being substandard or deformed the money will remain in the holding account till you have had a mutual understanding with the client, goods can be sent back or where the matter is aggravated and both parties cannot into terms LEGAL REDRESS may be required to intervene.
ADWEEK CHICKS will charges 5.5% handling fee worth the total amount on farmers not VERIFIED by Adweek Chicks/farmers that don’t farm with us . Adweek Chicks does not charge any fee on farmers that buy Day old chicks from us or are farming with us. You are therefore encouraged to become a farmer with us.
We take pride in every farmer’s success

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