Today I visited a poultry farmer in Isinya,Kajiado county.The visit was meant for advise on the viability of the project.Furthermore the chickens in the flock had been ravaged by a disease known as infectious coryza which is bacterial in nature due to poor management practices.I was able to advise the farmer on the corrective measures to undertake inorder to curb the situation which has claimed hundreds of birds in the farm.When we talk about poultry we are not talking of chicken alone.Poultry is a wide venture involving a variety of birds such as ducks,geese,turkeys,guinea fowls,quails,doves and pheasants among others.Diversification is the color of life. One should always explore more than what he / she possess already.Diversification helps to cushion you in times of need.Furthermore ducks,geese and turkeys are highly resistant to diseases and profitable.Don’t put all your eggs in one basket.Ducks,geese,turkeys and guinea fowls albeit little known to Kenyan consumers are a wonderful source of white meat and a good protein source.Keeping these poultry types will keep you ahead of the game.The farmer plans to increase her poultry stock to 5000 birds in the near future(chicken,ducks,geese,guinea fowls,turkeys and quails included).Are you facing problems in your poultry project and you need a farm visit?Let’s get talking on +254729568251#FOREVERPOULTRY