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4 weeks old kuroilers

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Healthy Chicks brooded under the best conditions.

Kuroiler characteristics

  • Kuroilers are multicoloured.
  • Kuroilers are dual purpose for producing meat and eggs.
  • Kuroilers are adapted for free range and scavenging.
  • Kuroilers have high resistance to common poultry diseases.
  • Kuroilers are fast maturity-Mature males 3.5-4 Kgs, Females 2.5-3 Kgs.
  • Kuroilers have a high egg production: 20-25 eggs per month.
  • Kuroilers have an economical laying period;1.5 years.
  • Kuroilers feed consumption; average (medium) feeder.
  • Kuroiler Sitting characteristics; Does not sit on eggs(does not get broody).
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